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Light over Time by Helvar
16 February 2018
ESI visited the Helvar Offices in London for training on new and upgraded Helvar routers and the new software which has resulted in overall improvements. They also introduced ‘Light Over Time’, a stunning feature which changes lighting environment according to the activity and location over a period of time.
Light Over Time is the most recent innovation in Helvar’s Human Centric Lighting range called Intelligent Colour of iC. The software feature brings a graphical lighting profile creation tool for dynamic tuneable white solutions which can be customised to suite a range of applications.
This new feature enables lighting designers and end users to graphically visualise the lighting profile for their environment resulting in a more engaging design and end user experience. Helvar’s Light over Time solution is completely customisable to meet specific application and occupant needs.
The programming flexibility of Light over Time makes it suitable for a range of applications including commercial offices, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, where light can have a significant impact on occupants’ concentration, well-being and alertness.
The new Light over Time feature by Helvar is locally supported by ESI. Contact us for more information.
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration