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The value of BEMS maintenance
Statistics show that a well maintained Building Energy Management System can reduce operational costs by up to 20%. ESI’s team ensures that your BEMS is correctly maintained and operates at optimum efficiency, and offer service levels and solutions to suit every organisation.
Planned maintenance service helps to minimise operational downtime, defects and problems which may arise with your automation systems. Apart from reducing faults and downtime, on-going maintenance also ensures continuous productivity and savings through efficiency.
Productivity savings
BEMS maintenance is integral to your working environment, as well as your staff and customer wellbeing.
In a guide published by the BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association), they suggest that up to 15% of losses or gains are attributable to the design, management and operation of your buildings.
Further to this, they also suggest that an 18% difference in thermal satisfaction is equivalent to a 3% change in simple terms, if your staff are comfortable, they work better.
The BSRIA actually takes this estimate further by quantifying it, stating that this 3% change in productivity equates to an increase in turnover of €3,000 per person, assuming that the average employee generates €100,000 of company income.
Using this model, it’s easy to see how a 3% increase in productivity could easily pay for a BEMS maintenance contract alone. To illustrate the point further, if the business had 50 staff, that would be an increase in revenue of €150,000 per annum.
Energy savings
The guide also suggests that a 15% energy saving could also be possible through regular maintenance.
Assuming a space allowance of 14m² per person with a typical energy usage of 287 kWh per m² and an energy cost of 14c per kWh, the suggested savings could equate to €8,437 per annum.
After the substantial investment one would have done to have the best system possible, on-going maintenance by experienced providers also ensures that your system is always operating and performing at its best. By tackling or removing any issues before they appear, you’re ensuring that the systems’ performance in maximised. ESI maintenance team will also be able to identify and support other areas within your system, which will ensure your company gets the most out of your investment.
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration
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