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Integrated Security
Maintaining optimal security is an integral part of facility management that not only protects your employees, but your assets as well. An integrated security system ensures a flexible, efficient and adaptive building.
Whether an organisation consists of a single industrial building or a multi-campus healthcare facility, you need a custom designed and technologically advanced security system designed to cater specifically for your company’s particular needs.
ESI is a leading provider of integrated security solutions dedicated to protecting organisations with the latest products and services designed to control access, reduce potential theft and implement an effective risk management system. Each and every client receives a needs assessment to ensure you get exactly what you need to protect your assets.
Our products and services include system consultation and design, installation and implementation as well as service and support for integrated access control, camera surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, and command and control systems.
Our solutions provide building and facility management via a single user-friendly interface to view and manage your security systems, receive system messages and alarm management.
Our expertise as systems integrators allows us to integrate security and safety solutions with any other building services such as elevators with destination dispatch features, fire alarm detection system, parking management, plant and energy management. Essentially, such an integrated security solution allows for a set of automatic rules which enable the connected systems to interact – for example security events from access control and CCTV systems can be linked to lighting and HVAC systems to ensure more energy efficient day-to-day building operation, and greater safety in the event of an emergency.
2015 Honeywell Security Channel Partner
Honeywell City
Integrated Security by Honeywell
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration
ESI Malta - Intelligent Smart Home, Systems Integration
  • Clean Room by ESI
    03 May 2018
    ESI was once again entrusted to set up a clean room for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Automation 4.0 by Siemens in Malta
    17 April 2018
    Siemens Italia were in Malta for a day-long event; The right path to Industry 4.0: Totally Integrated Automation in the digital factory. An opportunity for European enterprises to compete with or gain advantage over other markets.
  • Draeger’s X-am 2500
    11 April 2018
    Draeger’s X-am 2500 is a portable gas detector which is designed to provide personal monitoring for up to 4 consumable gasses and vapours.
  • Automation 4.0 by Siemens - Speakers
    21 March 2018
    Automation 4.0 – Radisson Blu Resort – Wednesday Malta 28th March Programme and Speakers
  • Automation 4.0 by Siemens, register now
    13 March 2018
    Automation 4.0 by Siemens, register now
  • Save The Date - Automation 4.0 by Siemens
    28 February 2018
    Save The Date: 28th March 2018 - AUTOMATION 4.0 by Siemens
  • ESI at 2018 Smart Building Conference
    22 February 2018
    ESI were in Amsterdam last week for the Smart Building Conference 2018 iSE
  • Light over Time by Helvar
    16 February 2018
    introduced ‘Light Over Time’ by Helvar, a stunning feature which changes lighting environment according to the activity and location over a period of time.
  • Savant Touch
    22 January 2018
    Savant's premium home automation systems offer personalisation features that make the difference between a smart home and a Savant Home.